Features & Highlights :
i) Water level indication of the tank through LED indicators.
ii) Water indication available in 5 steps from 10% to 100%.
iii) High Accuracy in water level monitoring.
iv) Buzzer for tank full indication at 100% level.
v) Buzzer mute function for acknowledgement.
vi) Easy installation & maintenance.
vii) Small in size, portable & light weight.

Basic working Principle of panel
i)This panel is implemented for water level detection to monitor the level of water in form of visual indication through the use of led's. When the water exceeds the high level value the alarm is triggered which also provides audio indication this avoids wastage of water

Application For Water Level Indication in societies, residential areas, industries, hospitals, laboratories, storage tanks etc.
Other variants This product is available for single tank and multi-tank level indication.