Features & Highlights
i) Inbuilt stator.
ii)High current range up to 27A.
iii)Plug and play operation.
iv)Easy for maintenance
v) Probe-less dry run sensing
vi) Digital display for fault indication & parameter settings
vii) Protection of pump motor from over current & under current.
viii) Anti rusting coating for enclosures of panel with IP 54 Standard of enclosure

Basic working Principle of panel
This panel act as a pump starter which provides complete pump motor protection against over current ,under current and dry running and also provides the user with easy installation therefore it does not required skilled technician for installation.

Applications of Panel The panel is best suited & comprises of fully automated controlling logic for removal of waste water which gets accumulated in hospitals, restaurants, industries, waste water treatment plants, Effluent treatment plant etc. Other Variants i) Available for both single phase & three phase motors.