Water Pressure Booster for Inline applications

Features & Highlights
1. Digital display for parameters, parameter settings & fault indication.
2. Digital code lock for system parameter settings
3. Inbuilt starter.
4. Probe-less dry run sensing
5. Precise water level sensing in inlet water pipeline and overhead tank to avoid Overflow of waste water.
6. Fully automated operation.
7. Protection of pump motor from over current & under current.
8. Protection of motor against Single Phasing & reverse current phasing in three phase panels
9. Complete protection of pump motor.
10. provision for Float switch & sensors for water level detection.
11. Also available with RTC (Real Time Clock) as per customer requirements.
12. Highly accurate reliable & user friendly panel operation.
13. Manual START STOP push button to start & stop the motor
in case of circuit failure in DOL & STAR DELTA Panels.
14. Anti rusting coating for enclosures of panel with IP 54 standard enclosures.

Basic working Principle of panel
To transfer water to OVER HEAD tank directly from incoming water pipeline as the panel senses the presence of water inside the pipe. The panel is useful in the areas where there is abnormal or uneven flow of water in the pipeline. As the water in the inlet pipeline becomes zero the panel stops the motor to avoid the dry running of motor

Applications of Panel
I. The panel is best suited & comprises of fully automated controlling logic for transferring of water from direct water source i.e. main water pipeline to upper tank situated on higher altitudes in residential societies, hospitals, restaurants, industries etc.
II. The panel can also be used in the hilly areas to full fill water requirements.
Other Variants
I. Booster panel is also available with starting method as DOL & STAR DELTA from 7.5HP to above versions.
II. The other variants are also available for monoblock submersible motors

Advance Features:
1) Motor temperature sensing through RTD and THERMISTOR.IF the temperature rises above the higher tolerance limits the pump automatically turns off in order to avoid motor overheating
2) Gland leakage provision is also provided if the water seeps into the oil chamber of the motor This provides complete protection to the motor
3) High level alarm provision as per customer requirement if the water in the sump tank rises above the high level limit
Basic working Principle of panel
The panel operates on de-watering principle by detecting the water level in the sump tank through the sensors to transfer the water from sump tank or sewerage tank. This results in removal of waste effluents from industries or other areas where water gets accumulated. The pump motor stops running when its temperature rises above the tolerance value. The system has manual mode , In Manual mode only level sensors are bypassed rest all protections are functional. Thus the panel delivers Fully automated operation with complete protection of pump and motor
Applications of Panel
The panel is best suited & comprises of fully automated controlling logic for removal of waste water which gets accumulated in hospitals, restaurants, industries, waste water treatment plants, Effluent treatment plant etc.
Other Variants
I. SWLV panel is available in DELUXE type with two pump controlling in alternate mode by keeping one pump in operation mode & other in standby mode.
II. SWLV panel is also available with starting method as DOL & STAR DELTA from 7.5HP to above versions