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Parameter Digital Pump Manager Conventinal Control Panel
Over Load
Micro-controller Based Overload
  1. Trips instantly at set current
  2. very long life since no heating element
Extra Thermal Overload Relay
  1. Extra Overload has to be added
  2. Tripping time depends on current. As current increases, time reduces
  3. Wear and tear due to continuous heating
Under Current
Inbuilt under current sensor
Inbuilt under current sensor
Extra Electronic Unit
An extra electronic circuitry needs to be added to the panel
Ampere Meter
Inbuilt - Digital
Inbuilt Digital Ampere meter which can show difference of even 100mA
Extra Moving Coil Meter
Extra Ampere meter has to be added
Single Phasing Preventer
Voltage as well as Current based SPP
Motor current gets affected when motor is not getting right voltage so any problem in supply line is sensed and motor is saved.
Voltage Based SPP
Line voltage reaching the panel but not reaching the motor, this can not be sensed by voltage based SPP and so motor may burn.
Dry Run Protection
Inbuilt Dry Run Sensor
Pump running dry is automatically sensed without the use of external liquid or flow sensor
Extra electronic unit
Conventionally not included and they depend on the mechanical water or flow sensors.
Fault Finding
Digital Display of Faults
Direct reading of Fault on display. Hence easy and reliable fault location and removal
No or premitive fault indication
Fault finding is difficult and tedious
Less components, Less wiring, latest technology
Less number of components and less wiring means fewer maintenance issues, latest plug-in design makes it easy to change cards / parts and hence very less down time.
Lots of wiring and complex wiring inside
More components and wiring means frequent maintenance requirements. Not easy to replace any part.
Latest Micro-controller Technology
Highly reliable due to use of low voltage micro-controller control card and the use of best quality material.
Analog components
Limited reliability because reduced accuracy of analog components.


Control Panel For Pressure Operated System    |    Control Panel For Sewerage Treatement Plant     |    Water / Liquid High Level Alarm
Control Panel For Sewerage / Dewatering Pumps    |   Control Panel For Borewell Submersible Pumps    |    
Control Panel For Overhead And Sump Tank Level Control    |    Control Panel For Multiple Upper Tanks
Control Panel For Fire Fighting System    |    Control Panel For Two / Three Pump System

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